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Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters

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Selling as Series of 7 paintings based on the Traditional Aboriginal story of the Kirrae Whurrong's 'Seven Sisters'. Story below:

Long ago there were seven young women who were sisters. They were always together. They only wanted to marry one man so they would not be separated.

Waa, the Crow, saw the young women. He fell in love with one whose name was Ngeeanggar, the Eagle. Ngeeanggar was not interested in Waa because he would not marry her sisters as well. Waa was angry.

One day the seven sisters went looking for grubs which they loved to eat. Waa saw them. He changed himself into a grub, and bored a hole in a tree and waited for the sisters.

Before long they found him. Each of the sisters tried to catch him with their wooden hooks. As each sister put their wooden hooks into the hole, Waa the grub, broke the ends. When Ngeeanggar put her hook in Waa let her catch him.

When he was pulled out he turned back into Waa the Crow and carried Ngeeanggar off to the sky.

The six sisters left behind followed Ngeeanggar and Waa into the skies searching for their sister.

Ngeeanggar became the star Sirius and Waa became the star Canopus.

The sisters became Kuurrokeheaar, the Pleiades.

Re-told and translated by Vicki Couzens

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