Some images of some of my projects and artworks.

Rockbank Train Station, 'Butterfly' artwork set in concrete. One of 5 train stations we, (my husband Ken McKean/artist and I) have been commissioned to create artwork for.

Rockbank Train Station

Cricket Australia chose my design, 'Walkabout Wickets' for the 150th Anniversary of the first Aboriginal Cricket XI team who first played at the MCG in 1866 then toured England in 1868. All of the Australian cricket team wore my design on their lapels in 2016. They (the Australian mens and women's teams are still wearing it for many major cricket matches). I also assisted in creating the design for the Australin Aboriginal XI who toured England in 2018 to re-enact the tour of the original Aboriginal XI of 1868.

Walkabout Wickets Launch 2016 MCG

Mens team

Womens team

Some of my recent paintings.

Giza Paris. I did this painting in memory of our trip to Paris in 2018 where we visited the Louvre Museum. 

Giza Paris

 I recently had a solo exhibition, 'Wise Ways and Inspiration' at the Alliance Francaise's 'Eildon Gallery in St Kilda. Another recent painting I did was one from an Aboriginal perspective looking down at Paris. This painting sold at this exhibition.


I've been working with some young people in Melbourne since moving here from Warrnambool. This is one of the murals I did at the Newport Early Years Child Care Centre.

Newport Mural

I wrote and Illustrated a children's book in 2011/2012 called 'Minkgill Chases the Rainbow'. It's a story about 'Minkgill'