Across Australia Aboriginal people saw seasons differently to Europeans and people of the Northern Hemisphere. In Victoria and especially where I currently live in Melbourne the Kulin Nations always believed there were 6 or seven seasons, (the number depended on the Clan/tribe they were connected to). In 2019 my husband Ken McKean and I were commissioned by the Ballarat Line Upgrade, (BLU) to design artworks for 5 train stations based on the idea of the Aboriginal seasons. For the first train station 'Rockbank' (after much research) we came across the 'Common Brown Butterfly'. We found that the cycle of the common brow butterfly covered the annual cycle of the Aboriginal seven seasons. Common brown butterflies were to Aboriginal people one of the signs they used to know the changing of the seasons. They were also, because of their amazing transformation from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, a symbol of hope and of the miracles of nature and life.